Tracy Traver, Chico’s SVP of Design, On Prints

Tracy Traver’s job is inspiration. She leads the team that scours the globe, figuring out how to translate an interesting color, a great shape, or a unique place into Chico’s pieces.

My secret to wearing prints is to have courage, be confident! I think they’re a form of self-expression. I’ve always loved prints, and not just tops. Scarves too. And, I happen to love printed pants. The bolder the better!

I went to school in Italy and I think that’s really where my love of prints first came to be. There’s no one who does prints better than the Italians. The Italians have a certain eye and use of color that is so unique.  I used to walk around and look in the windows when I was a student, looking at that use of color.

If you walked into my closet, you would see an abundance of color. I love color and wear it boldly. I’m not somebody that can ever put out their clothes for the week and say “this is what I’m going to wear.” I stand in my closet in the morning and it’s about how I feel that day.


Black Label Printed Palazzo Pants

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20 Responses

  1. Cindi Acree

    I share in a love of vibrant color and prints when they
    are most tastefully designed.
    It would be nice to have more smaller print design which
    would be more flattering to fuller figured shoppers.

  2. Rae Ella Bennardo

    Aside from the comments above (all echo my sentiments) I would like to ask how tall is Tracy? As tall as every other seven foot designer and model at Chicos??? Smaller print design is valid for fuller figured shoppers, but SHORTER may be a key word as well. Almost everything I try on (especially the longer backed garments) reach to my knees. VERY unflattering. The Petite collection is of no help as the selection is limited and must be purchased online.

  3. Diana pic one

    I am tall an appreciate some length – too much length makes me feel like I am covering up the body I work so hard for and want that tastefully visible.

  4. sharlin oren

    Wish Chico ‘ s would have our teenage granddaughters in mind for their own, than I wouldn’t be losing my jackets and tops from my closet.

  5. Karen Monson

    If she love prints so much, why is she in jeans and a white shirt? Also I agree that small prints are much nicer on shorter people than large prints.

  6. SparklySharon

    I agree will all comments above. Why does she have on only solids if she loves prints?!
    And yes a great deal of Chicos tops are way too long and what’s up with the silly style
    Of high-low, the back is always way too long!

  7. Pat unger

    Think her basic white shirt and jeans was the proper outfit to show prints she was displaying. In print outfit would have had no contrast.

  8. Susan Altenberger

    I’m 5’11….love the long styles! Chico’s is my go-to store, my closet is filled with beautiful items….keep up the good work!?

  9. Joan Eisenberg

    Tracy Traver is one talented lady. Chico’s consistently is on the cutting edge of style that is interpreted for the woman who wants to look stylish without being outlandish. You go girl!

  10. Diane

    The Black Label Palazzo pants with the large bold print is not for the Chico’s average customer. Since most of the women are older, short and perhaps overweight, this is not a look that needs to be draping the body of this type of person. Also Black Label is making to many large oversized tops, sweaters etc that is also not suited for the average person. Scale back on the amount of fabric and make Black Label more favorable for the general customer

  11. Diane

    I wish I had my older Chico’s jackets since they were lined with beautiful fabrics, the jackets today are unlined and have no body…. Please Chico bring back the lined jackets with great fabrics..

  12. Carol

    Chico’s has lost their mission. They used to be fun, flattering, and easy to wear. Now I can’t find anything to buy. The sizes are generally bigger than they used to be an a cheaper quality. No linings, no facings. Who are they designing for.? Certainly not for me. I totally agree with most of the posts above.

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