Weekend Refresh: Spring Up

Welcome to the first weekend in March. Here are our ideas on what to wear, eat, and read this lovely weekend. Relax and enjoy. 

We love this look for its pulled-together ease. It’s all in the details: the softly structured jacket, the trim around the hat, the intricately patterned scarf, the interesting earrings simply impeccable.

Photo Credit: Aaron Cameron Muntz

Dean Sheremet’s new cookbook, Eat Your Heart Out: The Look Good, Feel Good, Silver Lining Cookbook caught our eye with its happy subtitle. Healthy, easy, and a bit different from the every day, this spicy dish is perfect to add some kick to a low-key evening at home with a loved one, family, or friends. Pairs perfectly with a bright white, like a Sancerre. For those beautiful spicy basil greens, find the book here.

Chile-Glazed Sea Bass

2 servings


  • 2 (6-ounce) fillets of sea bass or any firm whitefish
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 2 tablespoons Sriracha
  • 1 tablespoon tamari, soy sauce, or coconut aminos
  • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice


  1. Adjust an oven rack to the middle position and preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Remove the fish from the refrigerator 20 minutes prior to cooking.
  2. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, whisk together the honey, Sriracha, tamari, and lime juice: set aside.
  3. Place the fish on a rimmed baking sheet and season it lightly with salt. Brush it with a generous amount of the glaze, reserving some for serving.
  4. Cook for 12 to 14 minutes or until a cake tester can be inserted without any resistance.
  5. Brush with more of the glaze and serve.

Or… maybe you’ve got plans to go out? If so, here’s our solution: a dress that recalls the Mediterranean inflections of the Côte d’Azur, Etruscan-inspired earrings, and a fringe bag to add flair.

Ready to curl up? The Flood Girls, a debut novel by Richard Fifield, is a redemption story set in tiny Quinn, Montana, about a daughter and a mother, that’s full of humor, grit, and sheer outrageousness. A total page turner, it’s in the spirit of Empire Falls and Where’d You Go, Bernadette? (Two of our all-time favorites.)

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100 Responses

  1. Donna McFarkand

    This makes my day, please continue, great ideas and how to put it together, I will be at the store today. All week as a busy hospital administrator, I don’t think about fashion. You can do it for me.

  2. Linda Biderman

    I enjoy looking at the clothes, and getting the recipe for the fish and the book review. Very interesting presentation

  3. Elaine Mier

    Absolutely amazing! Perfect for the second Saturday Art Stroll in Bay St. Louis MS !
    Layers in case it is cool or heats up and a good book to sit on the sea wall with when you’ve strolled till you drop haha.
    Will defiantly try the recipe on my husband one evening.

  4. E. Apostol

    Clever idea to help us plan our weekend. Loved the look and recipe. Feeling inspired. Thanks. Hope you continue the this feature.

  5. Jean

    Love this blog! It’s a quick and and easy look. Love the style suggestions….always helpful to see complete outfits and accessory ideas. Would love to see mix and match suggestions.

  6. Chris Matthies

    Love this new format! The ideas for pulling an outfit together are terrific; it’s like having an online personal shopper!

  7. Suzanne

    I would like to see models wearing larger sizes, we are not all a 0! I do like the book recommendations, I’m always looking for a good read.

  8. Nancy

    What a refreshing way to advertise! I also loved an earlier link to the many ways to wear one of your scarves. Keep innovating!

  9. Ginny

    Love this blog. Especially like The Look and the Bohemian Rhapsody. The recipes and the book are a great addition. Thanks.

  10. Donna

    Really enjoyed this format! Great idea to combine the clothing, food, and activity suggestions! I always appreciate the outfit suggestions and pictures showing different ways to combine your pieces.

  11. Love this new site.. I agree with several of the other comments… All of us curvy or full figured women need to,see,the fashions on women that look like us…keep this blog going please so enjoyable thank you

  12. Reta

    Finally a message that I look forward to reading and saving. The recipe and book suggestion look great. Thanks, I can’t wait to visit the store and shop!

  13. Terrific styles! Fun read first thing on a Saturday morning. Inspires me. What about style ideas for your long time now retired and no longer slender shopper? Perhaps ideas for updating our black travelers separates accumulated while working and being very active in our communities. Do you sell the hats and other unique accessories?
    I am so glad to see your career looks for the our younger women following us Baby Boomers.. Chicos is making these younger professionals and career women look polished day, nights and weekends whilee they collect and accumulate an interchangeable wardrobe over the seasons.

  14. GGB

    The link for the tan jacket takes you to a shorter jacket, not the one shown in the email. Where can I find in the newsletter?

  15. Jean Mann

    Love Chico’s clothing and look….BUT…..some of us have curves & are shorter. Yes, I know you have online Petite selections but I want to be able to try my choices on in the store & not have to bother with sending clothes back that are too long for my arm lengths and legs. Really an issue for some of us but I do love your clothes. Zenergy is a wonderful line, too!!

  16. Loved this style of advertising. Makes me feel like I am part of a very classy group of special ladies ! Love the scarf, the Hat & the book. Do you sell the book & hat also ?

  17. Nancy Smith

    I really enjoyed this “blog style” information. Not only do I love Chico’s clothes, but the addition of books and recipes is right up my alley! Thanks and please continue to give us more in this format.

  18. Paulette

    YES!! please show more clothing on models and in the stores for curvy women who are NOT tall and willowy.
    Like the blog but please there are enough food blogs out there already. I check out Chico for clothes not books and food.

  19. Paulette Halliday

    Smart marketing – pairing healthy recipes and cookbooks with the Chico’s lifestyle. Keeps me going back to the website to see what’s new in addition to clothing trends.

  20. Sue

    Love this new site the outfit suggestions.keep it coming !! Can’t wait to try the recipe & check out the book!!

  21. Love the outfit and love Sea Bass! Was also glad to see this marvelous outfit on a beautiful lady who is NOT 20. Most of the reviews I read online are presented by the 60 and 70 something age group, yet most of your models are so much younger. I’d love to see more models who are enjoying retirement, but not looking retired in your clothes!

  22. Connie S.

    As always, Chico’s has the classy and comfortable look us women are after. It’s a nice bonus to see the addition of a recipe & book to further our interest. Keep up what you’re doing!

  23. Karen Palladino

    Planning to go to Chico’s on Wednesday. Chico’s and lunch. A perfect day! Dining on the salmon recipe tonight. Clever ad.

  24. Fdlreader

    Shared my disappointmnent with Chico’s recently with their moving away from “classy/classic” to “young(er) trendy”; BUT this look reflects why I started shopping at Chico’s so many years ago. I agree with other commenters regarding, shorter,curvy & mature styles, leave the younger trendy styles for your Black & White stores.

  25. Dee

    Love the new blog! What more could anyone want – great clothing, good food, and a good read! Keep up the good work!!!

  26. Karli

    Love your new marketing style. Hits the mark on so many levels. Always loved your clothes. Now, with this blog, recipes, books, travel, etc., you’ve given us something more to love and celebrate…….life in your clothes.

  27. Lynda B

    Loved this blog. Please do a weeks worth of looks that mix and match to pack for a casual beach vacation to Florida in April. I tend to over pack but once there I still wish I had something different. lol A great beach read would be wonderful,too!

  28. Jan Mayes

    Modelogic/Wilhelmina in Richmond, Virginia has a gorgeous group of senior models, all sizes, who would love to wear these clothes.

  29. Yasmin Medhora

    Love this section with a variety of information to interest various readers. I loved the outfits put together with jewellery, etc.

  30. Lynn Melichar

    Very nicely done! PLEASE show your fashions on models that are 5’4 and under and wear your size “2”. That is a 12-14 which we all know is the average American woman. I love your clothes and have purchased Chicos since your first store in the US. Please make it easier for me to wear your pants and the put together looks I see on the tall thin models you use. Thanks!

  31. Pat Mitchell

    Can’t wait to try that wonderful recipe for sea bass and I don’t think there is anything to wear in my closet that does not have a Chico label on it. I am one of your older ladies well into my 80’s and still going strong and well dressed thanks to Chico’s.

  32. Donna

    One more thing! Just to echo a few other comments…where do we find the clothes you featured, especially the long tan jacket? And, please have more petite size models that are not rail thin!

  33. Marge

    Love clothes from Chico’s, I can always find something that draws a flattering comment. Really enjoying this new email also.

  34. Susan Winthrr

    Love your stylish clothes and jewelry! Please offer some ideas for tall, 5’7 to 5’9, curvy ladies, too! I would love to see some larger sizes in your stores, at least size 3.5 pants. I want to take advantage of your fashion consultation service in the store but haven’t because many items are too tight on me. This prevents me from buying at times. I dislike ordering online in hopes that a garment will work for me and then having to return it if it doesn’t.
    Also, please offer some “column dressing” ideas for us curvy ladies. Monochromatic dressing makes curvy look longer and leaner!

  35. Kay Mohundro

    Yes, like others…would like to see more casual clothes for retired, stylist customers. Ninety-eight percent of my clothing has a Chicos label on it. Also, would like to see more mix and match ideas. Love Chico’s.

  36. Miriam Lisser

    So incredibly disappointed as are so many of friends who live nearby. Disappointed with toy closin stores in Manyunk in Phila., pa and I. Ardmore, Pa. Such a high end group of shoppers yet you closed this store . So many one bedroom condo’s go up right where the store was. Starting at 1 million dollars for a one bedroom.
    Hope u consider coming back bigger and better than ever!! We badly need a store like you in the area.
    Miriam Lisser

  37. What a great idea to include a book recommended and yummy recipe to your website. Already ordered the book, and plan to make the fish tonight. Love, love, love the long jacket!

  38. I personally do not like to read blogs. Stick with your incredible fashion styles and unbelievable values and continue with your beautiful brochures. My entire wardrobe is from Chico’s, and I always love the feeling that I am well dressed and very comfortable.
    Thanks for the opportunity to express those feelings.
    Carol Rosenberg

  39. Charisse

    Love this blog! Trying to find the linen duster but apparently it’s already sold out – I hope they’ll have more soon
    Fun format!

  40. I too could not locate the tan jacket. More runs in your sizes would be appreciated. The really haute stuff is sold out too fast. I understand this is boutique shopping inventory, but you guys have a lot of cult followers, At least please try to accommodate us all!

    Love you Chicos!
    K Moore

  41. Searched in vain for the beige linen duster as soon as I received this blog email on 3/5 at 7 a.m. I now see from a few other comments posted here later in the p.m. that it is apparently sold out. Would appreciate the item still appearing in inventory as “sold out” so as to not spend valuable time searching for it. Also, it is quite frustrating that a brand new item can be sold out even as the email advertising it is sent.

  42. Marcia

    Recipe sounds delicious — will certainly try it …what about models that represent the national norm — curvy, voluptous women … sometimes you want to see models your size wearing these beautiful clothes. marcia

  43. Lois

    This is my first time receiving your blog. Enjoyed customers comments and concur with many of them. However, I was amazed at the number of times the word “love” was used. I love my family, dog, friends’ etc.
    I enjoyed reading the comments. I like the fashions.

  44. Cindy Garber

    Love the email. Love the fashion ideas plus the recipe plus the book suggestion! A little bit of everything! I love clothes, love to read, and am always looking for new recipes! Thank you!

  45. Chico's

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments. We love hearing from each of you. Here’s an update on how to find some of the featured items: The linen duster is currently on backorder and should be available soon- please check back at after 3/14 or call customer service at 888-855-4986 to learn more. The hat is currently available online at:

    Please keep reading and commenting.

  46. Linda K

    The comment to suggest mix and match for vacations, as well as other occasions, is a good one and I would “like” to see your ideas. Also, many times when I have shopped in your store the employees don’t know anything about the product and I need to show them the brochure or explain further. Often they have never carried the item.

  47. Jan Grover

    Packing for a trip and love the Inside Chic section. Went to my closet and got out my boyfriend jeans, chicos white blouse, necklace and gold belt. Going to Chicos tomorrow to pick up the green sweater to pull the outfit together. Thanks for the ideas on how to look chic!!

  48. I am 73 years old and still love style, make up, jewelry… was great seeing a model with silver/gray hair (which is
    what I have)…younger people are wonderful but I am so glad to see you haven’t forgotten that our seniors, though
    older, are still interested in their appearances and look…thank you. Keep up the good work. Chicos is my very
    favorite store. Pat Coniglio

  49. Spunky2you

    Finally, some other than just trying to sell clothes. I want to express myself through my clothing choices and appreciate a company that understands this. Our age has nothing to do with who we are. Very smart and modern. I do not typically read blogs but I will be reading them now. Thank you

  50. SunsetBeach

    Agree with others – larger models would be more realistic, but love the look. Why cant I click on the piece and go buy it?????

  51. Jean DiGiorgio

    I too would like to be able to click and order! Love this site. I’m new to Chico’s and would like to build a wardrobe around it. Unfortunately, it’s a tease if the items are not available. UNLIKE?

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