What Lies Beneath

There’s no better feeling than the anticipation of getting to wear something new and beautiful. This summer is all about interesting tops, with bared shoulders and flattering sheers. But what to wear underneath? We partnered with our sister brand, Soma, to show you the best solutions. 

Summer Situation #1: Sheer Clothing

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Sheer, lightweight tops are the perfect way to cope with heat and humidity this season. What to wear underneath? The obvious thing is to pair a sheer top with a white bra, but a neutral/nude color bra that is closer to your skin tone is actually a better bet. We like Soma’s Vanishing Back Front Close Bra. The bra smooths out any bumps and lines—brilliant! From brunch to the beach, you’ll feel cool and covered in complete style.

Summer Situation #2: The Halter Neckline

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Uh-oh. The gorgeous dress you just ordered online is a halter, and your bra straps are making your shoulders an unsightly mess. Luckily there are options out there. Convertible bras, with moveable straps, like Soma’s Enhancing Shape Strapless Push Up Bra, ensure you can wear any garment with whatever neckline you wish. X marks the spot, as they say.

Summer Situation #3: Bare Shoulders

Click to buy: Boho Stripe Off-The-Shoulder Top, Stunning Support Strapless Bra.

We love this chic off-the-shoulder shirt: it’s perfect for everything summer has to offer from boating to bbq-ing. What we don’t love are strapless bras that shimmy down our torsos as the day goes on. Soma’s Stunning Support Strapless Bra is designed to offer great lift and support, including a stay-put band which keeps the bra in place. Plus, the gorgeous lace detail is undetectable. Problem solved.

Summer Situation #4: The Classic T

Click to buy: Revi Roll-Tab Tee, Enhancing Shape Full Coverage Bra.

Comfy, bright-colored shirts are constantly in our rotation during the summer. However, lightweight material can make finding the perfect bra to pair with it a challenge. Look for something with fuller coverage, like Soma’s Enhancing Shape Full Coverage Bra, a t-shirt bra that eliminates gaps, helping you look smooth and tidy.

Special thanks to Soma and to style blogger Annie Boersma who helped with this post. 

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