Author of Eight Hundred Grapes, Laura Dave’s Guide to Sonoma County

Laura Dave fell so in love with Sonoma County and its small vineyards, she set her novel Eight Hundred Grapes there. She shared her favorite Sonoma places with Inside Chic.

One of the best compliments I keep getting from people is, “I learned so much about the winemaking world while reading Eight Hundred Grapes.” I wanted to do service to this special world. I wanted to get into the beauty of winemaking and the wonderful things that make it a metaphor for family. Both require faith, patience, and fortitude.

That’s why I placed Eight Hundred Grapes there.

My husband and I went up to Sonoma County for part of the winter. We spent a lot of time in the town of Healdsburg, which I loved, and really explored Sebastopol. The attention to living an authentic life up there; it was really magnificent. There are so many artists who live there, so many people who are just trying to do good things in the world. It’s a really special place.

Laura’s Favorites:

Copperfield’s Bookstores: There are eight Copperfield’s bookstores throughout Sonoma County and the Napa Valley, but primarily in Sonoma County. They’re these charming bookstores that are influenced by the town that they’re in; the Sebastopol location is quite different from the Healdsburg location. Visiting all the locations is great fun.

The Glen Ellen Star: Our favorite restaurant in Sonoma is the Glen Ellen Star, in Glen Ellen, which is a tiny town up there. Everything is farm to table. And there’s fantastic wine, of course.

Lynmar Estate: One of my favorite wineries and our first stop whenever we are in Sonoma County. Their winemaker Shane Finley was an enormous help while I was working on Eight Hundred Grapes.

Laura Dave is the bestselling author of four novels, including Eight Hundred Grapes, which has been optioned to become a major motion picture. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband, but frequently flies home to New York to see her family. Follow her on facebook and on twitter. 

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