Chic Island Guide: Eleuthera

Named for the Greek word for “freedom” by Puritan settlers in the 1640’s, Eleuthera may be the Caribbean’s best-kept secret. A short flight from Fort Lauderdale or Nassau, this stunning spot is part of the out islands of the Bahamas. A barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, it has a laid-back attitude, a friendly feel, natural wonders, and some of the prettiest beaches you’ll ever have all to yourself. Here’s our guide on where to stay, eat, goand how to look fabulous while doing it.  

Where to Stay

Photo courtesy of The Cove. Click here to learn more.

The Cove

On most islands, 57 rooms would be tiny, but The Cove is one of the larger resorts on Eleuthera. With lush grounds, perfectly appointed rooms, amazing food at its two restaurants, full-service spa and private beaches, you won’t want or need to leave the premises. It’s also conveniently close to the small airport at Gregory Town.


Photos courtesy of French Leave. Click here to learn more.

French Leave

Just a short stroll north of Eleuthera’s charming capital, Governor’s Harbour, French Leave is a pristine eco resort directly on the harbor, with access to nearby Atlantic Beach. Brand new, with some rooms still in progress, this luxurious spot is as full service as they come, while still feeling personal. We never wanted to leave. Its restaurant, 1648 Bar & Grille, is considered the best on the island.

Where To Eat

Click here to learn more about Tippy’s.


Located directly on the beach, on the Atlantic side of Governor’s Harbour, Tippy’s attracts tourists and locals alike with its laid-back, beach shack vibe, and wide-ranging menu. Live music on weekends is another big draw.

Click here to learn more about The Rainbow Inn.

The Rainbow Inn Seafood and Steakhouse

Midway between Gregory Town to the north and Governor’s Harbour, The Rainbow Inn features the freshest fish possible, and is also known for its Monday pizza night. The views don’t hurt either. Pull up a chair, order a rum punch, and relax.

What to Do


Situated where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Sea, Eleuthera has gorgeous reefs teeming with colorful fish, in nearly crystal clear water. The beach near Tippy’s has some particularly accessible and nice spots. Floating along in the gentle sea, makes for a lovely way to pass the time.

Glass Window Bridge

Eleuthera is 100 miles long… and a mile wide at its fattest point. Nowhere is this more striking than at the Glass Window Bridge, a majestic natural wonder, with its breathtaking views of the Caribbean on one side and the Atlantic on the other.


What to Pack

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4 Responses

  1. Dr. Debby

    This is really beautiful; I almost felt like I was on vacation just looking at it. But please don’t fall into the its/it’s trap. Correct your text to read “Its restaurant…” Thank you!

  2. Sailin’gal

    I have to answer this is perfectly safe anywhere on Eleuthera. I have spent many months there over 10 years and it’s one of my fav places. All of the island is full of wonderful islanders and you can enjoy such delightful experiences finding beautiful places..on your bike, on a sailboat, or renting a cottage. A Very helpful people , friendly, who love to husband and I appreciate this island so much and we have been all over the world. Go, Enjoy!

  3. Debbie

    Went on a cruise to Bahamas last Christmas. Took an excursion to Eleuthera on a bus. The tour was very nice but they didn’t take us very far and said there was nothing further down the island. What a shame, because I didn’t feel like Igot to see the beautiful parts of Eleuthera, only the poor parts. Next time I go on a cruise Iwill take my own excursion!