Secret Spots: Bridgehampton’s Topping Rose House

Chico's fell in love with Bridgehampton, NY's Topping Rose House when we stayed there to shoot our August mailer. We were blown away by the beauty of the spot, the well thought-out design, and the incredible food. Fiona Riesch, the general manager, spent a few minutes sharing her passion for what makes Topping Rose so special.

I’m originally from Germany and I have been working in the luxury hotel industry now for over 20 years (I will, of course, never admit to my real age!). For almost 15 years, I worked for InterContinental Hotels in Europe and the US, more than 8 years of them in NYC, on and off. I was introduced to the Hamptons early in my time in NYC and I simply fell in love with the beauty and the nature of the place. And actually, when the opportunity presented itself to work at Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton, I was General Manager at one of the newest Leading Hotels of the World in Majorca, Spain. But I jumped at the chance. For me, The Hamptons are a year-round destination and one of the most beautiful spots in the world. I believed in Topping Rose House and all its opportunities, and that made me pack up my whole family, our belongings and move back to the East Coast.

Topping Rose House was originally built in 1842 for Abraham Topping Rose, who was a judge. What a name, right? Before that, he worked in New York City for the District Attorney’s office. He got married to the mayor of New York City’s daughter and they moved here. He was also born here, so he was coming home. They raised six kids in this house!

The fall is my favorite time here. The heat of the summer is gone, it is still warm enough to swim in the ocean until end of October, everything settles a little, and you keep looking up for the leaves to turn into all those colors. There are still undiscovered places in the Hamptons – they do exist – because you do not talk about them. You find them yourself and keep them close to your heart.

I’ll share this with you, though: we have two very old and very impressive trees on the property. They display so much strength and, at the same time, ground me, especially when the energy around me is so powerful. That, and the roof decks of our Cottage Suites are my favorite secret place here. Sitting up there feels like you are on top of the Hamptons, and just a tiny bit closer to the stars at night.

At Topping Rose House we do not remember days, we remember moments. Creating these moments is our specialty. We are inspired by a passion for the nature surrounding us, for people, the arts, and for heritage. For the beauty of the past and the world we live in. And I get to live here!

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