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Ready to get back out there and travel again? We know that looking polished and put-together, wherever you roam and however far you go, is key for you. Here, a refresher on perfect-for-now clothing and accessories that pack easily and look fabulous—versatile weekend clothing that is stylish and classy yet travels beautifully. 

Spectacular Weekend Women’s Clothing 

The best clothes for traveling are easy to pack, wear, and launder. The no-fuss fabrics available today leave no excuse for crinkled ensembles! Here are some ideas for must-have shirts, pants, and jackets to wear during your weekend getaway, including items from our customer-favorite Travelers Collection.  

The Dress That Started It All 

In the beginning, our design team created this incredibly versatile dress to satisfy our globetrotting customers. It was the start of our much-loved Travelers Collection. The dress quickly became a classic, with new color iterations integrated into the collections with each season. As the name suggests, our Travelers Collection was made for going places. The pieces labeled “classic” are crafted from wrinkle-resistant fabric that also has sustainable properties. They roll or fold up nicely—and unpack without a crease, guaranteeing you’ll look chic on arrival. In shapes meant to combine, they offer timeless looks that travel whenever, wherever, however.   

Shirts for Every Occasion 

A classic no-iron stretch shirt that is flexible and sleek makes an ideal choice for traveler’s outfits and lets you leave the hotel iron in the closet. Find one with a beautiful print and a sculpted hemline, wear it tucked or untucked, and you’ve got a gem of a shirt that will become a staple in your travel bag. 

Tunics have long been prized for their femininity and compatibility with different styles of pants. Simple to dress up or dress down, the classic tunic gives an elegant, easy-to-wear vibe any time of the day. Choose a wrinkle-resistant tunic with a split neckline and ¾-length sleeves for an evening out, and you’ll look ravishing. 

Pants a Plenty 

Wear your favorite shirt with slim-leg pants that are wrinkle-resistant, comfortable, and easy to wash. There is no limit to the mixing and matching you can do! Wearing slim-leg pants with a long top makes dressing for different types of weather stress-free. A bonus is that this fashionable combo is also flattering for every body type. 

Speaking of versatility, few pieces of weekend women’s clothing are more comfortable to wear than classic crops. Eliminate bunchy belly poof with pants that are clean-lined with a relaxed fit and front darts. These pants are great when worn with just about any type of shirt, not to mention a wide variety of shoe styles. Bonus points for crops with pull-on styling for maximum convenience during your weekend getaway. 

More Jackets, More Style 

Moto jackets repeatedly make the lists of favorite weekend clothing for good reasons. An elongated moto jacket provides a classic silhouette with a little more coverage than the traditional style. Turn heads twice with a moto jacket made of faux suede for a fashionable look with convenience to boot. 

Looking for a unique piece to add “wow” to a weekend getaway? A great utility jacket will do the trick! If your upcoming trip demands travel, casual, and career wear, the utility jacket delivers on all three fronts. These jackets just scream edgy, elegant femininity! When you wear one made of wrinkle-resistant fabric that is soft and breathable, too, you’ll never travel without it. 

Love That Accent! 

No matter where you’re headed for the weekend, you can’t go wrong packing a handful of unique accessories to spice up your outfits on a whim. Scarves, hats, statement necklaces, stacks of bracelets and other accessories chic-up any and every look. Need ideas for how to make your accessories work harder for your trip? Take a look at our How To Tie A Scarf guide for ideas.  

Traveler’s Outfits That Look Like a Million Bucks 

We haven’t found a rule anywhere that says a traveling wardrobe has to sacrifice neatness, style, or class for the sake of portability. Look great and feel great! That’s our motto.  

If you plan to go sightseeing or on some other fun escapades while you’re globetrotting, bring plenty of stuff to mix and match. (Don’t forget the no-iron shirts)!  

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