Your Ultimate Travel Checklist: Staycation or Vacation

Heading out on a tropical vacation or simply being a “tourist” on a staycation a few states (or a few towns) over? Either way, figuring out what to pack for your next trip can be stressful. You need vacation outfit ideas that allow for an easy transition from a day at the beach to an evening on the town.  

When attempting to pack your suitcase, make sure you select quality, versatile garments that you can wear multiple times throughout the trip. Need some guidance? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated our top style picks for getting away this season, whether you’ll be heading on an exotic escapade or just an excursion around town. If you need even more outfit inspiration, browse our Winter Getaway Guide for trending looks to suit any locale. 


Whether you want to lounge poolside or spend the day on sandy beaches, beachwear is an essential part of your vacation checklist. Look for versatile swimwear in classic designs such as the one-piece style.  

Of course, you may not want to show off as much skin as you transition from the beach to a nearby restaurant or tourist shop, so remember to pack a beautiful caftan to help you cover up!  


If you plan on hitting the town wherever you go (especially if you head to an exotic locale), you need some excellent resort (sometimes called “cruise”) attire.  

“Resortwear” is good in casual and informal settings but can also do well in country clubs or (of course) nice resorts. 

Whether you go with a jade dress among the most popular pantones or a classic microfiber tank top, pack a few outfits in the travel bag good for lounging around the hotel room or going out for lunch.  

Golf Wear

Our golf collection from Zenergy could contain the pieces you are looking for to tie together all of your vacation clothes for women. A few of the items you might want to consider adding to your shopping cart include: 

  • A travel jacket for a spring breeze  
  • A comfortable pair of walking shorts 
  • A collared polo 

You can travel in style with some of these pieces. You will be the best-dressed woman on the golf course with some of these items in your bag.  


Consider adding a ruana to your packing list if you’re “tripping” during the early spring when temperatures are still slightly cold and breezy.  

These light wraps are also perfect for a cool summer night. Get yours in a beautiful pattern that matches the tropical setting or keep it classic with a solid color. Both are great options to round out your packing list for any type of vacation.  

White Denim

Women who want a timeless look that feels comfortable for an afternoon on the town will want to add some white denim to their packing list.  

Worried about the longevity of a pair of white jeans? Don’t be. Our no-stain pants have been put to the test, and you can pair these white jeans or capris with a fluid ruana for a match made in heaven! 

Gorgeous Jewelry

Do you need something to jazz up your outfits and make your clothes pop? Long, chunky necklaces and bold earrings make a statement and help you to stand out from the crowd.  

Make sure to include several pieces of jewelry to match every outfit in your suitcase! Jewelry takes up very little packing room, but it can have a tremendous effect on your ensemble.  

Packing Your Vacation Bag

Are you ready to pack your bag and head away for a few days of relaxation? Beachwear and resortwear are staples for any woman looking to travel this season, so make sure to get yours now! Consider what pieces you may need to add to your closet in anticipation of your winter weather getaway.  

While clothing and accessories are a given when it comes to packing your suitcase, you should also bring a book wherever you go! You’ll be glad to have something to read while you’re waiting for your flight at the airport, or unwinding before bed in the hotel room. Chico’s Book Club has partnered with Simon & Schuster to bring you a new book each season. Check out our book club pick of the season and join the discussion today. 

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