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We firmly believe that flowers are an indulgence for every day. They brighten up your life, especially in the darkest months of the year. DeJuan Stroud, Celebrity Event Designer and author of “Designing Life’s Celebrations”, took us behind the scenes at his studio and suggested some elegant alternatives to the classic red rose bouquet for Valentine’s Dayor any day.

Red roses are always gorgeous and a classic choice, but the demand rises around the season. Sometimes taking a fresh and nontraditional route can yield some truly stunning results. This is also the perfect season to treat yourself to something lavish and colorful!

Roses in an alternative color, like this brilliant mango, are particularly pretty. They look great in this white-washed tray and rustic bark containers that remind me of chocolate. I filled the tray with the most delicious chocolate-covered almonds and then peppered it with chocolate red hearts. It doesn’t have to stay as a unit. You can take out the mini bouquets and put them around the house, in different corners of the room, or even display them in a row on a mantle.

Instead of a big blob of a rose arrangement, you can do a petite bouquet, like this breathtaking lavender rose in a silver mercury glass. Very feminine and girly, it’s the perfect arrangement to treat yourself or a girlfriend to!

Delicate tea roses in celadon pots embedded in a basket of moss creates a springy, garden look. The scale has a sweetness to it. Again, the bouquets can live together in the tray or beautifully alone. Tea roses add a lovely fragrance to the house too.

Ranunculus are like graphic versions of roses. Their petals remind me of fabric. I love these hot pink ones—so fresh and crisp. They are girly without being too sweet.

For a totally different and funky display, look for interesting vases. I love these violet anemones in this quirky test tube and wire container.

Mixing up your flowers into a few small single flower arrangements is a fun change. We combined some roses, gorgeous red anemones from France, and some ranunculus that really marry the colors together. They are showcased in pretty wooden vases in a galvanized tray. Perfect in the middle of a dining room table, they can also individually stand alone.

So if you want the ranunculus in your dressing room and the anemones on the kitchen counter, you can enjoy them broken up and bring them back together at any time.

For more about Dejuan go to his homepage and follow him on instagram. His book has a wealth of inspiring ideas for more flowers and entertaining. All photos by Elizabeth Cohen. 

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