Nice Nosing You

Pets are part of the family, bringing us joy each day and comfort when we need it. No one understands this more than  photographer Elke Vogelsang, whose ode to her three rescue mutts will make you smile—and then smile again through tears. We have an inside peek at Vogelsang’s “pet project” featuring playful portraits of her dogs, titled “Nice Nosing You: For the Love of Life, Dogs and Photography”.  

Once abandoned and sentenced to death, then rescued and adopted, now life-savers themselves, and beloved family members… This book is a declaration of love and gratitude to three Spanish rescue dogs who joined our family, saved their owner’s life and changed our whole lives for the better. Welcome to our little world and our story.

Our dogs are high on our priority list. But that’s only fair as they give us a lot while asking for little in return and, after all, they’ve only got us.

On Christmas Day 2009, the dogs (in those days it was only Noodles and Scout) suddenly started barking, whining, and howling. At first, I thought there was something going on outside that troubled them. As I was busy, I tried to ignore them. Then they started to get agitated. That’s when I realized something must be seriously wrong. When I let them out of the room to see what had alarmed them, they ran to the bathroom door. We found my husband, Carsten, unconscious in the bathtub. He had suffered a major brain hemorrhage. While he was recovering in the hospital, I started taking these pictures to lift his spirits.

Carsten was initially not too fond of the idea of getting a dog. I mentioned on our first date, eighteen years ago, that one day, if the circumstances allowed it, I would like to have a dog. Now we’ve got three. Yes, give me an inch and I’ll take a mile. Thankfully Carsten is head over heels in love with them as well, and he finds everything they do adorable and cute.

Though we like all kinds of dogs, we’ve got a special weakness for sighthounds. Their gentle nature is enchanting. They are energetic outside, yet calm and quiet at home. Despite their sometimes-cruel past as hunters, they are usually courteous, cautious and polite toward human beings.

Make both you and your dog happy by spending quality time with him. Play, run, roll around on the ground, make a fool of yourself. It’s the best therapy there is.

All photos and text by Elke Vogelsang, reprinted with permission from Rizzoli. For more on these amazing dogs, find her book here

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5 Responses

  1. What a great story! And what GREAT pictures. I now am going to have to find out about these dogs, they have the greatest smiles!! Hubs and I have three dogs, they’re family! Two weenie dogs, one little mutt. My son has the original weenie, Ned. Plus a brand new rescue, a Chihuahua mix, Princess Bubble Gum. My daughter has two long haired dachshunds, Frank and Lola. When the kids come home it’s a regular zoo, because of course they bring the grand-dogs. Cannot imagine life without dogs. We also have a cat who lines up with the dogs when it’s treat time! 🙂

  2. Kelly

    Wonderfully warm pictures and an amazing story – the love shines through! Also love your shoes in the last shot…

  3. La Wana Brown

    L “F. Jade” B
    February 22 2016 @ 11:50 pm
    Incredible, Awesome and Amazing life saving moment from the Nice Nosing You on the Elke Vogelsang pets. Adorable and cute is Bettie Champagne & Baxter makes you just want to take home for warm and cuddling days & nights. Love, Love, Love It. ?????