3 Easy Everyday Wellness Tips

We don’t know about you, but we often find ourselves rushing through our lives, never taking a moment to stop and think. The result? By the end of the day, we are tired, anxious, and frankly don’t feel so hot. When we had the chance, we asked Colleen three tips for feeling great every day. What she told us surprised us because all three are so easy! 


Colleen’s First Tip:
First thing in the morning, take ten cycles of breath

When you wake up in the morning, before you leap out of bed, take a moment and feel yourself inhale and exhale. You don’t have to breathe deeply—the goal is to feel your regular, calm breathing pattern. It’s about taking the moment, and reminding yourself TO BREATHE.


 Colleen’s Second Tip:
Drink six eight-ounce glasses of water

It’s amazing what staying hydrated can do! Water helps keep your body a cool, well-oiled machine. Added bonus: the break you get when you pause to take that drink.


 Colleen’s Third Tip:
Walk as much as you can

More than any other activity, humans are built to walk. Walking at a comfortable pace gets air into your lungs, keeps your muscles moving, and moves oxygen into your brain. So go ahead, put on your most comfortable shoes, and take in a bit of nature. Just a few minutes a day can help you clear your mind.

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