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How Bold Are You?™

You may have noticed a colorful, fun, new look and feel on our website, in our boutiques, on social media, in our mailers, emails, and at chicos.com. It’s our biggest—and boldest—statement yet.

As part of our new look, we’ll be shouting what’s special about our brand, which is not only that we have great style and amazing service, but also that we celebrate fun and fabulously stylish women, no matter their age.

We’re asking women everywhere to not only grow older, but to grow bolder—right along with us.

Watch some of our favorite women behaving boldly.

Take the How Bold Are You?™ Challenge

Do you color outside the lines? Wear what you want? Grow bolder every year? Go to chicos.com/HowBoldAreYou to join us in celebrating bold women of all ages. (Bonus: You’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a $1,000 Chico’s Gift Card!)

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32 Responses

  1. Carol Masters

    Thank you for that great poem (How to be Bold) which I will include in my commentary tomorrow. The fashion show with Chico’s latest and greatest clothes is a sell out at our retirement place here in the California desert. I want to let our audience know that everyday is a chance to make a statement about their life, they are ageless and confident and now is the best time to shine. At 78 I have been honored to do the commentary for Chico’s, a number of times, Chico’s has been my go to store for many years for its arty flavor and its unique branding. Thank you Chico.s Women are beautiful at any age.

  2. Aileen

    I’m 63 and my age does not stop me from wearing Bold colors and accesories. Feeling chic and confident it is very important to me. Women come in different sizes, heights, and skin colors..I always advise to take a chance and change for the best..Don’t be afraid But please, Use Your Common Sense!! Love Chicos

  3. Marilyn

    I Love Being a Woman
    I love being a woman with femininity and charm
    When I go to Chico’s with clothing on my arm,
    My smile get broader and I feel strong
    Confidence builds as the bolder I get
    So I can be the best woman yet

  4. Marilyn

    I Love Being a Woman
    I love being a woman with femininity and charm
    When I go to Chico’s with clothing on my arm,
    My smile get broader and I feel strong
    Confidence builds as the bolder I get
    So I can be the best woman yet

  5. Kristine

    I’m 68 and I want to be THAT older woman. You know the one. Her style belies her age and leaves them guessing. She can put a twist on things that could be “too young” to make them “just right. “ And she loves the challenge.

  6. Kristine

    I am 68 and I want to be THAT older woman. You know the one. Her age doesn’t diminish her style. She has a sense of what’s right for her and it shows. That’s how I want to show my “bold.”

  7. Linda

    I love Chico’s and have for 30 year’s since I first discovered you. I am young at heart, most think I am in my late 50’s and that’s how I feel ( even if my birth certificate says different). Who cares? It is only a number! When I wear my Chico clothes I feel ageless. I am confident. I feel GOOD. The bright colours and the perfect fit for real women inspire me to be who I am and enjoy every moment. Life can be short; remember to smell the roses as you dance.

  8. Pamela Graves

    I want to CONTINUE to live my age! I love maturing in age and wisdom! I’ll be 55 on April 24th and I WANT THAT T-shirt! Where do I find it???

  9. Wendy

    Just turned 67 and I went all out with your butterfly top and jacket combination. I went to dinner and didn’t feel any older than 50. Thank you for all your great styles they give me Boldness that I can feel all the way to my toes!

  10. I just turned 49 and I need to get the T-shirt and wear it with pride! I constantly struggle with the need to hide what gravity has done to my once-tight tummy, but why am I embarrassed? I should be celebrating each year I’ve been given, sags and all. 🙂

  11. Dalys E. Torres

    I am a bold woman (retired NYC- Public School Teacher), who continue to pursue my creativity: Teaching Artist/Performer(Percussionist), challenging my own passion: roller skating, bicycling and dancing. Contributing to positive changes and doing my best to society.

  12. Maureen Pancza

    Are you kidding? A “How Old Are You” marketing campaign? Dear old ladies, Chicos is giving you the permission to be bold, even though you are old. Meanwhile, Chicos just fired most of their female store managers over the age of 60.

    1. Maria Bmabaucs

      And you know this how? Were you one of the store managers over 60 that was fired? How many were there and at what stores? We may be “older” but we know to demand “facts” and not innuendos!

  13. Tammy Coleman

    I’ve always danced to the beat of my own drum; now that I’m older I’m a bit more conservative yet I still have a mind of my own and do not engage in gossip or judgment toward others and try to treat people the way I want to be treated!

  14. Sue

    Went to local store to pickup the free tote that was to be my customer appreciation gift. They acted as if they had no idea what I was talking about and after talking to a couple of other salespeople told me they were out. I left feeling like they had no idea about the gift until I showed them the card I received. Disappointed in Chico’s.

  15. Clara Chatmon

    Clara I have been shopping at Chico’s for three years now. I really love the clothes and how they fit my body. The styles are great.

  16. I’m a lady that likes make up; I was raised to believe that ladies should keep themselves looking nice at all times with fashionable outfits and always a nice face of make up with eye shadow, mascara, rouge, and lipstick,
    and if you don’t have a special fellow to impress, do it for yourself!

  17. Connie

    I’ll be 72 in a few weeks and having more fun than ever wearing my colorful, comfortable, and easy to wear Chico’s clothing. Love those 40% off sales!!!

  18. Ellyn

    I am 81 and most of my wardrobe is from Chico’s. I know what looks good on me and what doesn’t, and what makes me feel attractive. I refuse to dress like a frumpy ‘old lady”. Thanks Chico’s for helping me feel young.


  20. After 30 years of working and always shopping at Chico’s, I retired in 2001. I retired for my 54th Birthday, the very best present I ever had!!!! I was asked quite often if I ever wore any outfit more than once, and my response was not if I could go to Chico’s and find a new favorite. Now after being retired I have volunteered for several groups for several years and still shop at Chico’s as often as possible so I will feel really great and look great also. Thanks for being in my town of Beaumont,Texas.

  21. Deborah D.

    I absolutely love the Chico’s clothing brand. I’m a frequent shopper and 3/4 of my wardrobe is from Chico’s. The clothing is suitable for all ages who like to dress classy, not just the older woman. I do have a question though and that is why did Chico’s bring in so many prints for summer? I personally cannot stand prints (on me) and their summer line is all about prints and shorter tops (hardly any tunics). Perhaps this isn’t the right forum for making a complaint, but just wondered if Chico’s would be bringing back more of the styles they are known for or if they will be staying with the prints and average length tops?

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