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Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

We’ve all been there: when daycare emergency and work deadline collide. Our designer and mom, Christina, found herself at home sans computer and the clock was ticking. So she set up a workstation at home the old school way: with markers, watercolors and colored pencils. Her 5-year old daughter, Stella, followed her lead and the creating began. The result? Mommy and me floral designs.

Christina’s design has been interpreted for the Chico’s Summer Collection. And her daughter’s took a prominent spot on the fridge – and a few photocopies have made their way to numerous Chico’s offices. We think little Stella might have a future in fashion.


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10 Responses

  1. Suzann Morin

    I wish you would come up with a way you could take designs sent from us (your customers) where it could be put on a Chico labelled shirt. We could pick the colors of the shirts and lay out. I have grandsons and know these would make great gifts for the mother’s.
    Please respond to my suggestion.

  2. Diana

    I wish your shirts were a little shorter.. Put a idea in the window were 3 basic itema can mix into 5. Robin at Polaris help me do that.

  3. Pam

    This is beautiful! I love the clean lines of the garment, no cut outs, extra straps, buttons, ties, glitter or ruffles. The printed design is clean and colorful! It reminds of cotton tops you carried years ago. Hurray! More, please.

  4. Wally

    First of all, congratulations1 And, thank you for sharing your talent wit we shoppers. So many unique pieces. Wiil these designs come to fruition. If so, please notify –


    Thank you for taking the time for a response.

  5. Maggie

    I feel that the style are overwhelming
    But then again we are bold enough to be creative. Chicos has change so much and the product became poor in quality. We want to see more. Design has been repeated throughout the years . What happen to our uniqueness women’s need to feel good and also look good. We do not need to be like everyone else , lets go back from the beginning and get that inspiration
    Back . Chico’s its an amazing place and will love to see heads turn as we walk by any Chico’s. Let put our heads together and figure out our ladies listen many has stop shopping why . Because is not for them
    People are getting older not younger,
    There’s so many store out there for young .people we don’t need to attract young we need to attract the middle age like me and others that need to feel good. And beautiful

    1. Beth

      I am a very long time CHICOS’s shopper and I couldn’t agree more.
      Although I am “75” I look and feel younger. I am sick of the rayon fibers in clothes. They wrinkle very bad and as a frequent traveler they don’t work very well. I used to buy many things at a time and now even when they have a 50% off it is difficult to find something I like.

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